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Small idea Tor a big leap
This entrepreneur is looking for big gains through his technological breakthrough of the smallest level

It is a small non-descript
company doing a research
on the usage of nanotechnology in therapeutic medicine. But they are working on a path breaking project, that might eliminate the need for heart surgery and kidney stone operations. At Velbionanotech, researchers are using nanotechnology as a robotic tool to deliver medicine to the affected parts.
In Nanotechnology, scientists work on matter, which consists of a few hundred atoms at below 100 nanometres in scale. At this level, the classical laws of physics are suspended and they can manipulate the atoms to create new properties. Scientists reckon that this technology will eventually affect every industry in the world.
On these lines, Velbionanotech aims to harness nanometre-scale devices made from biological components for use in medicine. Their primary research is on inventing nanochips for treating heart disease and kidney stones. The CEO, Joseph Asantraj says, they made a survey with hospitals and found that the crucial issue was the difficulty in administering medicine to stop blood clotting in the heart and preventing stone formation in the kidneys. Since the nano-microchip carries the drug right to the affected part of the body

through the blood stream, it will effectively replace surgery. A nanochip programmed to attach itself to the right place and administer the clot busting drugs like Streptokinase continuously. The drug is at the genetic level so the cure is quite a long- term one; once taken it works for more than five years.
Though it sounds like science fiction, nanochip implants have been in use in the US for monitoring the progression of a disease. Velbionanotech envisages to use human genome implants with biosensors to treat the disease
The present stage
They have identified this gene and patented the product. Once the prototype is ready, they would go for clinical trails by the end of 2005, says Vaniraj, the Chief Technology Officer with lot of enthusiasm. They are now looking for funding for the nano technology equipment to around Rs.2 crore and are optimistic that nanotechnology groups from Japan and the US would fund the project.
"Lead i ng USa nd Ca nad ia n scientific
publications have recognized our effort and we are looking forward to some funding from ICiCI Ventures who have shown interest. Since we are purely R&D organization we are not bothered to get into production and marketing," says Asantraj. Hope this fascinating invention will soon find its way into every troubled heart. 8

Vol IV No 3 July 2004